Our MotionForms

Ethical Source

All our Specimen's are ethically sources and licenced in line with UK taxidery law.

Each MotionForm we sell comes with a certificate of Authenticity 

Designed with nature in mind

With a cleanly designed outer shell modelled on pre-existing traditional taxidermy forms, harbouring a neatly packaged motion control algorithm to give an unprecedented performance.


Inside . . .

We have developed an algorithm to accommodate for Optocollic reflex functions to give our MotionForm's

natural movement's.

Outside . . .

We are proud to be partnered with TaxidermyCo.uk to bring you ethically sourced specimen's. To see learn more about the fabulous work done by Krysten Newby, 


Research that led us to the developments of the MotionForm.

Recent studies into Optocollic reflex in birds labels Optocollic kinetic stabilisation that occurs in birds in response to visual (optokinetic) inputs, and leads to head movements that compensate for passive displacements and rotations of the animal.

Putting this motion into practice with our animatronic robotic birds has been a small challenge but with big results allowing them to achieve a more lifelike animation.

Posture, Head Stability, and Orientation Recovery During Vestibular Regeneration is something that can be observed in birds.
These compensatory behaviours such as oculomotor gaze, and postural responses that occur during movement largely depend upon a functioning vestibular system and support the role of vision to correct for translational and rotational disturbances due to limited capacity to move their eyes.

Discovery of true Taxidermy Talents 

Our journey together . . .

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Made to Order

  • All MotionForms are made to order with love and care to make sure you receive the most spectacular Robotic Taxidermy Owls


  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Care Pack

  • Warranty

"I have recently had the most amazing opportunity to collaborate with the talented Jonny Poole from Animatronic-Birds.com to feather one of his mesmerising animatronic forms!
It’s unlike anything I’ve ever worked on before and presented a fair amount of challenges along the way. The best part of taxidermy is injecting life back in to a beautiful inanimate vessel... but with this particular project, flicking on that switch for the first time and actually seeing it animated was amazing! It adds a whole other dimension to the art of taxidermy!
Thanks again, you’ve been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the next time🙏"